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Best Business File Sharing Software Solutions

Today there is a lot of business software on the market for storing and sharing confidential data, but almost none of them can meet the high-security requirements needed for storing important business documents. Nevertheless, some solutions have been specialized for such a task. They are not only secure but also assist in various transactions and these solutions are called virtual data rooms. In this article, we will highlight the list of the best VDR vendors in 2022 and review them.

Citrix ShareFile Review

ShareFile is a great software option for file sharing and deal-making in the financial and investment industries. The program allows you to share your company’s most sensitive documents with outside access without any risk because Citrix uses advanced encryption models, watermarks, and dual sign-on security.

Additionally, administrators can set personalized permissions for access to various documents, and based on user responsibilities, decide who can print, forward, or edit a document and who can do nothing but view it. That way, the circle of interaction with your data is significantly narrowed, and the chance of someone forwarding your file to the wrong hands is zero.

VDR owners will be aware of any actions and events because they get instant notifications about them in their email. The pricing policy of the program is quite flexible, you can decide which features are necessary for you and pay just for this version of VDR.

Datasite Overview

Datasite is a creation of the large Merrill Corporation to provide the ability to securely exchange documents for business purposes, specifically during financial transactions.  VDR has one of the best security certifications and the most important security features:

  • Control Log – to monitor the actions of all actions in the VDR
  • Watermarks – to protect copyright and intellectual property. These stamps can be used on absolutely any document and reduce the chance of leakage to a minimum
  • Permissions – to control the visibility and interaction with the documents

However, Datasite is not too advanced in terms of usage. It does not offer mobile device access, but users note its easy-to-understand interface and quality customer service.

Box Data Room Review

The VDR service originated from the unremarkable file sharing platform Box, but its feature set is much more serious and reliable. So Box VDR can be used perfectly for remote collaboration, and document collaboration, despite geographical boundaries.

The main features of the space are:

  • Full customization of the branded interface with company logos and color scheme -helps make your brand more recognizable in the marketplace
  • Easy installation – no need to download additional browsers, applications or install modules
  • Expiration features – block access to your document after a certain date
  • Detail permissions -regulate the ability to view, print, copy, download, and forward the document

This vendor is a profitable and quality business software option for small and medium-sized businesses for whom simplicity and security are paramount.

Intralinks Dealspace Overview

Intralinks is one of the first virtual data room providers that has all the optimization, organization management, and document protection features possible. All this time, the program has not stood still and evolved according to current trends, which is why Intralinks has now become one of the few VDRs that use artificial intelligence in their system.

The Data Room offers convenient access from any device, as well as integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. A simple interface and responsive support team complete the picture and make Intralinks one of the safest and most efficient tools for storing and sharing files.